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2021 Class Dates
August 16-21, 2021
October 18-23, 2021


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The Art Institute of laser Aesthetics classroom curriculum is designed to give students an in-depth knowledge of skin care as it pertains to Laser Treatment. In addition to comprehensive laser training education. We train our students in the fundamentals of how lasers work, describe the clinical applications in the industry and promote an understanding of laser safety. This comprehensive class not only leaves students laser ready, but it also offers the kind of education students need to be successful in their Laser Tech Career.

Marketing and Career Advancement: In addition to providing a Cosmetic Laser and Intense Pulse Light Education The Art Institute of Laser Aesthetics offers a detailed course that contains an extensive presentation on how to build your business as an employee, independent contractor or business owner.

Taught by Shiree McClendon, Salon & Medical Spa owner who has been Voted Best Salon & Spa on both Local and National levels. For her successes in Business and leadership in the health/beauty Industry.

Course includes modalities such as:

Course Overview: 




Medical aesthetics marketing and operations package

Laser Safety